Since 1996, EkoPark company has built more than 1300 apartments in 12 premium residential areas known as Eko-Park. This area is located in the green heart of Warsaw, is one of the most prestigious mixed residential and office developments in Poland’s capital. 

 About 7,000 people live on its 170,000 square metres. The uniqueness of the Eko-Park projects has been recognised in several competitions; in 2010 it was listed as one of the 20 most environmentally friendly developments in Poland.

 In 2015 EkoPark has merged with Acar Developer - another Zasada Group’s real estaty company. 

 Projects by Acar Developer (together with Sinax Group and Sobiesław Zasada Sp. z o.o.) in Kraków include more than 600 apartments, mostly in intimate, low-rise developments. 

 Acar Developer has also built a number of other projects, such as the cable-car station in Swieradów Zdrój, the Driving Centre in Bednary and the Elcamp RV centre in Kraków.

Eko-Park S.A.
ul. Armii Krajowej 19
30-150 Kraków

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ul. Karola Chodkiewicza 5
02-525 Warszawa

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