Sobiesław Zasada Import Win is a wine center offering more than 200 hand-picked wines from exclusive wineries. 
It started operating in 2001, providing the excellent Chilean Torreon de Paredes and now imports and sales wines also from Argentina, New Zeland, South Africa, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Germany, Austria and Hungary. Next to the wines the portfolio of the importer includes premium vodka, gin, whisky and cognac. Other clients can be satisfied with top quality olive oil. The company sales wines to individual and corporate clients as well as hotels and restaurants. The wines are also offered in the Bacówka retail chain.

Sobiesław Zasada Import Win Sp. z o.o.
ul. Armii Krajowej 19
30 - 150 Kraków

+48 12 639 58 80
ul. Omulewska 27a
04-128 Warszawa

+48 605 502 885