Sobiesław Zasada Automotive is Poland's biggest chain of Daimler dealerships and service garages. It was established in 2010, consolidating many ventures, some of which started operations in the 1990s. With outlets in nine regions of Poland, Sobiesław Zasada Automotive offers AMG, Jeep, Lancia, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi Fuso, Smart, Subaru and Unimog vehicles.

Grupa Cichy-Zasada is one of the largest automotive dealership companies in Poland. It was established as a result of the merger of AHC Grupa Cichy, Rowinski-Wajdemajer and Auto Special.
The offer includes renowned automotive brands with which we have been cooperating for 30 years, such as Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Škoda, Audi, Seat and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.